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"A trajectory in the development of the practice of management driven for value creation."

Founded in 2000 by Prof. Moises Swirski, PhD in Finance from Stern School of Business and Co-Founder of the Institute COPPEAD-UFRJ, MSW aimed to meet the demands of his former business school students also created by him, PDG, in the independent valuation of its business and in supporting negotiations of split-ups and acquisitions. MSW soon distinguished itself by integrating a team with expertise from several areas in solving business issues of value creation.

MSW Capital is a Venture Capital & Financial Advisory firm focused on the process of raising equity for small & medium businesses and new businesses. We work in supporting entrepreneurs and investors focused on creating sustainable value by developing the activities of perceiving, deciding, appraising and judging business performance.

We seek to build long-term relationships based on trust, competence and achievement.