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M&A Advisory

MSW acts in the structuring and execution of M&A projects:

• on the buy side in search of strategic or financial investors or strategic investment opportunities in target companies;
• on the sell side in search of new equity capital for companies in growth and restructuring. 

In both cases, MSW brings home the responsibility for the tasks of:

• Diagnosis of culture
• Development and evaluation of Business Plans
• Preparation for a new partner entry and IPO
• Corporate and tax structuring
• Governance Construction
• Management model and professionalization plan
• Valuation
• Information Memorandum
• Road show
• Structuring of the business model and the Shareholders' Agreement
• Monitoring the due diligence
• Monitoring of legal formalization.

Step by step exclusive service in M&A:

1. Planning
• Qualification of financial and strategic controls (BSC)
• Business Plan
• Independent Valuation
• Financial modeling

2. Execution
• Monitoring performance and participation in Boards
• Corporate Governance

3. Fundraising
• Identification of potential investors
• Preliminary agreements negotiation
• Due diligence coordination
• Definitive agreements negotiation

4. Closure
• Due diligence coordination
• Definitive agreements negotiation