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Brazil Startups Accelerator Fund

Conceived by Microsoft Participações and managed by MSW Capital, BR STARTUPS FIP is a Venture Capital ESG fund (Pre series-A), that acts as an impulse agent for technology-based Brazilian innovative startups, leveraging on the technical expertise and global access of its founders and shareholders.

Inspired to create a better world through technology, the shareholders have established the following objectives for the project: 

  • Promote the best Brazilian entrepreneurs, in pursuance of placing Brazil at the "top 10 global" innovative technology-based entrepreneurship hubs , with Brazil’s own DNA ;
  • Ensure technical advantage and global access to the invested Brazilian startups ; and
  • Boost Corporate Venture activity in Brazil, a very important foundation for the development of an innovation ecosystem in the country.





Manager:  MSW CAPITAL       Specialized Advisor: MICROSOFT  | GRANITO & PARTNERS  Administrator: BRADESCO                                                                                                                                              



BR STARTUPS FIP invests in startups in the post-acceleration stage, labeled as having insufficient volume to attract investments of "Series-A" Venture Capital Funds, this positioning enables the fund to continue the investment cycle and guide the development of these startups, actively contributing to strengthen the Brazilian ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship.



The Fund already holds a stake in more than 70 startup through its strategic companies, Acelera Partners (Post- Accelerator) and Aceleratech (Accelerator).


For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.