About us

MSW is a venture capital firm focused on seed and Series A investment rounds. We invest in companies with a dedicated team, an existing product/solution, and a clear vision of their future.

What we do

BR Startups, managed by MSW, was the first Brazilian fund to onboard as investors corporations aiming to enhance the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and foster

We manage multicorp funds, formed by organizations willing to launch or strengthen their corporate innovation programs and work alongside startups. By doing so established corporations can use venture capital to accelerate their innovation efforts, shape corporate strategy, and obtain both strategic and financial returns.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill
  • 2000
    MSW founded as a consulting and education firm
  • 2008
    MSW begins its M&A and Business Development practices
  • 2012
    MSW becomes an independent asset
    management company
  • 2015
    MSW pioneers its Multi-Corporate Venture Capital fund management approach

Our history

In 2000, Prof. Moises Swirski founded MSW Educação e Consultoria, a valuation and financial modelling advisory boutique. Three years later MSW started to offer leadership development courses for corporate clients.

In 2008, MSW started to advise on M&A and business development projects. With this approach MSW starts to collaborate with its clients’ businesses and strategic planning.

After many years supporting entrepreneurs in their daily challenges, MSW decided to establish its role as an asset management firm. As such, the firm started to act as a minority hands-on investor.

As of 2015, MSW starts to manage seed capital fund BR Startups and develops its pioneering fund management approach in Brazil, transferring smart capital from its investing organizations to portfolio companies. As a result, MSW delivers mutually beneficial relationships between startups and

Why we do it


We believe in Brazil’s creative and entrepreneurial strength as well as technology’s role as a key part of economic development and wealth generation.


We understand that great leaders make the difference in any company’s performance.


We understand that technology-induced disruptions in careers, markets, and management methods offer a broad range of business opportunities.


We admire organizations that are committed to contributing to corporate venturing and developing the local entrepreneurship ecosystem.


We want to be the leading Brazilian firm in multi-corporate venture capital and transform Brazil into a global corporate venturing hub.

What we look for

We invest in tech-based companies from various market sectors with exponential growth potential and an innovative product/solution.

We believe in complementary teams led by bold founders with remarkable expertise with regards to their markets.

We look for entrepreneurs aiming to build great companies, but also those committed to delivering long-term value to their communities through technological innovation.

How we do it

MSW strives to deliver mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships between corporations and startups.

We share with our portfolio companies both our firm’s and our investors’ experience and resources, including network, credibility, industry expertise, financial and technical advice, as well as business plan development and monitoring.

VC is a people business. Therefore, we value leaders who carry out their business and ethical and transparent long-term relationships with our entrepreneurs and investors.

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about multicorp management approach or planning to raise funds, please do not hesitate to contact us: