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Our goal is to transform startups into exponential organizations while accelerating corporations’ innovation strategy.
Our Portfolio

For Entrepreneurs

We are committed towards enhancing our portfolio companies’ growth strategy. We do so by helping our companies’ leaders with their business planning and key decision-making, while also providing smart capital from our corporate investors.


For Corporations

MSW pioneered the multi-corporate venture capital management model, a unique approach for investing in high-potential technology startups which connects synergistic businesses with corporate investors’ vision for the future.


Our Essence

MSW seeks to jumpstart the connection between startups and corporations by creating trustworthy, value-added relationships.
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Corporate Venture Capital

In a business environment with continuous changes and new consumption habits, corporations need to anticipate trends and quickly access new technological solutions and
business models.

Implementing a Corporate Venture Capital program enables corporations to realize competitive advantages and manage their own digital transformations in an agile, systematic

“We’ve relied on them on several occasions where client discretion was of the utmost importance”
Joe Thompson — IP Client
“We wouldn't feel comfortable trusting anyone else to represent our company in legal matters”
Helen McNaught — Patent Law Client


We’ve partnered with several industry-leading corporations, all of which are major investors in our funds.

Call to entrepreneurs

If you are fundraising for your startup, we invite you to share your company’s information with us.
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