Corporate Venture

Why Corporate Venture?

New technologies challenge existing patterns and accelerate the creation of new products and services. In a constantly evolving world corporations must look for new solutions and connect with external players.

The implementation of corporate venture capital program is paramount so that corporations can have access to new technologies, accelerate their learning curve to compete in new digital markets and try different business models. A fruitful engagement with startups requires a specific culture – which is not similar with the one required to carry out mature operations –, as well as expertise in venture capital investments.

MSW’s multicorp fund management model offers a safe transition towards a corporate venture capital strategy. Corporations benefit from our venture capital expertise and have privileged access to the entrepreneurial and innovation environment, while they can also build a solid culture by means of the integration with startups and exchange of experiences with other corporations.

Nosso Papel

A mentalidade e as competências necessárias para iniciar um programa de CVC normalmente não fazem parte da atividade “core” de uma empresa. Não é à toa que 50% dos programas de CVC que são estruturados de forma independente não chegam sequer ao 4º ano de operação (*fonte estudo Insead 2018).

Investir em negócios que estão começando exige mentalidade de longo prazo e apetite para lidar com risco. A MSW é uma gestora de Venture Capital pioneira em atuar em parceria com corporações para a realização de investimentos em startups, minimizando o risco e gerando retorno financeiro e estratégico.

Our role

MSW is responsible for conducting the entire investment cycle, including the following activities:


Deal Origination

MSW ensures a permanent deal flow as a result of its engagement with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the VC market. We also organize sector-focused startup calls according to our investors’ interests.



Executives of our investing organizations are involved in the key stages of the screening process and end up acquiring strategic knowledge about their markets and a vision beyond the corporations’ R&D departments.


Investment Decision

MSW conducts discussions with prospective portfolio companies during the screening process and negotiates the investment’s terms and conditions. We handle valuation analyses, structure a strategic support plan (together with the executives) and coordinate due diligence and hiring of legal counsel to prepare the transaction documents.



In this stage, MSW walks side-by-side with its portfolio companies, as a minority investor aiming to support their growth strategy. MSW connects founders to sector experts with the purpose to implement the support plan. We also support portfolio companies in critical decisions, governance/management structures, and connecting entrepreneurs to new potential investors.



We contemplate viable exit opportunities considering both value generation for portfolio companies and financial return for our investors.

Pioneer approach: Multi-Corporate Venture Capital

MSW manages BR Startups, the first Brazilian fund to have leading corporations investing in startups. In 4 years, the fund invested in more than 15 companies (in Brazil, USA, Israel and Argentina), working with executives of investing corporations to accelerate their CVC programs and with entrepreneurs to grow their startups.

“MSW makes BR Startups unique by involving all investors in the key stages of the investment lifecycle: attracting the best opportunities, undergoing a screening process, and finally developing the portfolio companies.”

Clau Sganzerla

VP of Strategy and Innovation | Algar Group

“We had the best experience working in partnership with MSW, because of their team’s high professional skills, their transparency in the relationship and the way they conduct the most relevant phases of a CVC program – origination, screening, negotiation, investment decision, management, and exit.”

Pedro Bramont

Executive officer – Business and Strategy I
Banco do Brasil Seguros