Relationship with entrepreneurs

MSW develops solid and trustworthy relationships with the founders of its portfolio companies.

We fully respect entrepreneurs’ vision while providing a broad range of support so they can scale their businesses.

How we work


We fully respect and support entrepreneurs through their long-term journey.


Far beyond financial investments, we also share multiple resources and our extensive network (smart capital) to nurture startups into enterprises.


We partner with our corporate investors to support our portfolio companies throughout their growth strategy.


We help entrepreneurs make strategic decisions and support them on critical aspects of their businesses such as people management, governance, product development, and new investment rounds.


We help portfolio companies build strong teams and provide them with consulting support.

“Beyond MSW’s investment per se, the firm’s participation in Tbit’s board was one of our best decisions to date. In addition to their corporate investors, we work very closely with MSW’s team and that makes the difference for any entrepreneur.”

Igor Chalfoun Souza

Founder | Tbit

“MSW developed a very clear and collaborative screening process, helping us develop our governance at Quero Quitar.”

Marc Antonio Lahoud

Founder | QueroQuitar

“Every entrepreneur has a great challenge with fundraising and selecting investors that area also committed to the company’s purpose. We are privileged to have MSW as our investor at Olivia. In addition to financial resources, they have a very hands-on profile, provide solid advice and understand the challenges that our company faces in each stage.”

Lucas Moraes

Founder | Olivia

“We are very enthusiastic about the philosophy, vision and full support provided by MSW. They add value in two fundamental matters: business’ growth strategy and people

João Leal

Founder | Árvore Educação

Call to entrepreneurs

If you are fundraising for your startup, we invite you to share your company’s information with us.